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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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physicaltality. >> clark: he has found a little sandpaper here when he called that time-out, about the 18-minute mark of this half. and the buckeyes 65 ps shooting in the second half, kevin. they've knocked down free throws at a high rate as well. it all was ignited by the defensive intensity to turn over easy scoring opportunities created as a result. >> kevin: four time-outs for michigan state. inside, it was nix going straight up. williams was there. >> clark: you can see the strategy for michigan state down nine 3 chon 3 to go. it's bully ball time for the spartans. throw it inside to nix and see if williams can handle him. his fourth foul. ravenel, he has had a strong game today with eight points. >> kevin: told you about the time-out story, once again, nix at the line. tom izzo says that the true measure in his mind of a team's success is winning the regular season title.
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the ups and downs of a season the length the body work that you have to put in. i can't disagree. >> clark: agreed, 100% there. >> kevin: you know in a lot of circles, the success is how you perform in the tournament. when you look at those two issues -- >> i think that's outside of the players and the coaches. that's public, media. but within the walls of the game conference championships and hanging those banners, heck, i played three years here and we came close twice. still one of my great regrets as a player not being able to win a conference championship. >> kevin: 3 1/2 to play. craft has been sensational. igniting the comeback they were down by 6 at halftime. down by as many as nine. buckeyes storm back for a lead of ten. you see where they are now. here's the drive by scott. rebound by payne. collects another with a shove. payne has 14 rebounds.
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the buckeyes pick up another foul. >> clark: this is going to be interesting, kevin. because ohio state has done a really good job in the second half of executing late in the shot clock. they want to use time but that's not the strength of this team all season. so can they show the ability to get quality shots late in the shot clock while they're trying to milk clock and get something good in the offense. >> kevin: and clark for michigan state, they miss important free throws late, couple of nights ago against indiana. they have been very good at the line most of the season late in games. that was not the case against the hoosiers looking to redeem themselves this afternoon. >> clark: one of the advantages they have in this kind of a game in this kind of a situation is their two big guys combine shoot 77% from the line. >> kevin: good point. >> clark: derrick nix and adreian payne, you know they're going to be throwing the ball inside to those guys.
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and the ability they have to knock down free throws both well for your chance at being able to come back from a deficit. >> kevin: payne is number 5 in the conference in free-throw shooting, 80%. 6'10", number five in free-throw shooting. we saw some of it right there. >> clark: and michigan state has to defend without fouling. if you are michigan state you have to back off craft and scott and see if they can make a perimeter shot. >> kevin: picked off by harris. and they'll take it away. >> clark: that's a block. >> kevin: and that is a foul! what a play by the freshman gary harris. the steal and the two at the other end. >> clark: deshaun thomas trying to get there to take the charge. but he leads right in and foes underneath harris. and i think in that situation, as a defender, you can't be
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thinking about taking a charge. you've got to make an aggressive play on the ball. make him earn the trip at the line. but to step in where the ball handler can see it as he's coming with his dribble alive, and can avoid you. i just don't think that's a good play. a lot of coaches teach that, run back there and take a charge. i think it's the wrong strategy. run back there and try to make a play on the ball player. >> kevin: 2-point gain harris with 14 1 for2 for nix, 12 for payne. the luck eyes will take a time-out, 2:30 to play. ohio state, holding on.
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>> kevin: tonight on cbs, begins with "60 minutes presents" one of the navy seals who shot bin laden. followed by an episode of the "amazing race," "mentalist" and "good wife." only tonight on cbs. tom izzo klimes back from a 10-point deficit, turnovers have been huge they usually cash in 2:35 to play. >> clark: michigan state has made this run to get back to within two by getting inside drawing fouls, and knocking tune the free throws. this is a 7-zip run. ohio state has to be aggressive. they can't look to milk this clock. they want to execute and try to get something earlier in the shot clock.
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try to put pressure on michigan state defense by attacking. >> kevin: craft, again, doing it all game long. diving for two, 18 for the game. >> clark: love it. >> kevin: appling the other way, knocked away by craft. and a reach-in. and a buckeye foul. >> clark: i really love this action by ohio state. not interested in trying to milk the clock. ravenel does a nice job holding off dawson who couldn't turn it. then craft, a little overzealous here. he got the ball with his right hand but a lot of body and reach-in with the left. easy call for the official. and that's where craft's eagerness and intensity has to be tempered. game clock situation, you don't want to give up free throws. that's exactly what michigan state wants. opportunities to score with the clock stopped. >> kevin: craft, picks up his
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second personal foul. three-point game. appling, at the line. knocked in his first free-throw. remember he struggled from the line late in the game against indiana. missing it, a crucial free-throw right there. >> clark: still a one-possession game i think the buckeyes go right back to the same strategy. whatever can you run to get a quality shot early, that's what you try to do. you don't want to force it but attack early in the shot clock. take the pressure off your on fence. -- off ense. >> kevin: appling on craft. ravenel, dawson. scott, harris defending. shot clock at five. appling is on him, craft to the rack, can't get it to go. ravenel trying to dig it out. wow! what an effort what an effort. >> clark: fantastic.
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fantastic by number 4. he almost had that shot to go. good work by ravenel as well. >> kevin: and craft flying over the pile. >> clark: and because of that the buckeyes retain possession because of the held ball. the arrow in the buckeyes' favor. and a bull shot clock, close the a full one, 33 seconds remaining on it. this is where you want to try to execute and utilize some of that clock. >> kevin: 1 for thomas. -- 14 for thomas. craft has 18. >> clark: buckeyes struggle against ranked foes all season, kevin. 1-7, against ranked on opponents. another reason why this is so significant. if they can hold on. >> kevin: thomas. >> clark: oh wow. >> kevin: ravenel, knocked away he thought he had all ball, picks up the foul. >> clark: i tell you, ravenel
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bailed out the buckeyes. because that's a kind of a soft shot attempt by thomas. and valentine did get a lot of the ball there. ravenel may have been bumped underneath. >> kevin: payne, you have to call it, number four on payne. four of five free-throw shooting for ravenel, who graduated in december, came as a transfer from boston college where he played 39 games, elder statesman on the team terrific guy for this team to bring off the bench. >> clark: good at the line today, 4 of 5. he's 5 of 6 now. >> kevin: 62% free-throw shooter, nix is in for dawson. two time-outs, spartans with four. five-point lead.
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ohio state, has been money at the free-throw line today. 16 of 17. and they smell blood! looking for a defining win for this season, it will come, can they hold on against number 4 michigan state. the battle of bataan 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> kevin: a lot of information being passed in that huddle right there. >> tom izzo has an inventory of
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plays that he likes to call. he'll look to do something inside-out here, i think. you're in the bonus, both teams in the double bonus. you want to try to attack the rim. you have got a laser three-point shooter in gary harris. you have a big guy who can shoot the three. and adreian payne. i think you play inside and try to go through nix. you never discount looking at a perimeter shot for a good shooter. >> kevin: appling right through payne's hands. >> clark: look how jammed up michigan state is. a as a result, not a good passing angle. that has to beter pli frustrating when tom izzo called the time-out. then the execution goes lacking.
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>> kevin: dawson checks back n. >> clark: you're in a position here, i don't know if you can afford to go the full shot clock without fouling. maybe 10 or 15 seconds. then you have to foul. [ man ] action! cut... yeah, we're gonna need another wall. what's the number for props? [ male announcer ] take a note, make a call... all on the same screen. the quadcore-powered lg optimus g. relax. [ male announcer ] go online for special offers. tell us which of these air filters fits your heating and cooling system at home. -i don't really know. -uhh... mylowe's automatically tracks and stores all of your purchases so you don't have to remember. i think it's a great idea. [ male announcer ] sign up for mylowe's today. lowe's is a proud partner of the ncaa. >> kevin: you can run but you
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can't hide in college basketball premiere conference the big ten. and today it has lived up to the hype. an important fame for both buckeyes down by nine they have led by 10 up by 5 a little over a minute to play. >> clark: defense in the second half has been the difference. catalyst is craft. contribution from a number of players. ravenel, thomas got his offense going. now you have to get it in without turning it over. >> kevin: thompson looking, looking. >> clark: five seconds. >> kevin: sure is. what defense. >> clark: he had a time-out there, he could have used. thompson did. you don't like to waste it in that situation but the turnover is more costly than expiring your time-outs there. >> kevin: a lot of young players have their fingerprints on this game. you grow up in a hurry in this conference don't you? my goodness.
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>> clark: we'll see what michigan state tries to do. they did not get -- they turned it over the last time in this situation. >> kevin: johnson will inbound. nix, appling, valentine. they go deep. dawson can't get it. ravenel had it. picked up by thomas. >> clark: got to foul right away. >> kevin: scott and ravenel. >> clark: they got to foul. wow, they let a lot of time go. a lot of time elapsed. >> kevin: valentine picks up number four. the buckeyes to their credit, you know don't have a loss to a team they shouldn't have lost. to they just don't have anything of real substance to hold on to. >> clark: right. >> kevin: a win to hang their hat on. >> clark: this could be one, no
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question about it, this would be one. >> kevin: he 1z of 1 from the free-throw line, sam thompson. he's 1 of 1. payne in for dawson. hmm. >> clark: you don't need a three in you're michigan state, you just need a quality shot, and quickly. >> kevin: appling, payne picked up. >> clark: using a lot of time here. too much time here. >> kevin: appling, rejected by ravenel. picked up by the buckeyes, craft is fouled. oh!
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the senior ravenel coming up and putting it away. >> clark: he has had a huge day offensively. and defensively. this may have sealed it. execution, great job here by ravenel. excellent timing. going against the much taller appling. i tell you the last couple of possessions by michigan state, left a lot to be desired. they had a turnover after calling a time-out with the ball on the sideline. that time, used way too much time to try and get into offense. >> kevin: appling, who is the go-to guy all season long for tom izzo 1 of 8 against indiana, 1 of 6 2 of 1 his last two games, they needed more from their leading scorers, 1. .8 a season -- 13.8 a game. and a time-out taken by michigan state. the lead is 66-60, buckeyes 18 seconds to play. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the
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next wave of italians has come to america, and the fiat 500 with beats audio is rockin' the block. the italian designed fiat 500. >> kevin: under 18 ohio state, led in the second half by aaron craft. the junior if findly ohio. he has 19 points in the game. 15 in the second half. he got this team lit in the second half after they trailed by 6. >> clark: no question about it. his ability to get to the rim, he's always pesky. defensively. you got to look for a three if you are michigan state. and, again, no real sense of
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urgency by the spartans. >> kevin: payne with the smaller scott on him. ravenel comes up, big with the rebound. the buckeyes are going to win it. they were looking for that defining game and they have captured that defining win for this season. a testament to the program, how tough this conference is they lose the second after troping wan to the hoosiers, number one indiana earlier in the weak. -- earlier in the week. >> clark: right. >> kevin: well the screws have been tightened a little bit huh, in this conference. >> clark: you didn't expect anything less, did you, partner? in terms of what this race is going look like the rest of the way. >> kevin: we talked to thad before the game you could sense that he didn't want to build it up too much. but in his mind he knew what this would mean.
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>> clark: so, too, did the players. and they came out and responded. particularly in the last 20 minutes. >> kevin: craft with a new career high 21 points leading the buckeyes two close friends, big win for ohio state. their 20th of the year second consecutive loss for michigan state. tonight on cbs, 60 minutes presents, followed by the amazing race the mentalist and the good wife. clark kellogg, kevin harlan say zaying goodbye from columbus, ohio. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. humans. goodbye from columbus, ohio. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. our t's and dot our i's, this has been a presentation of cbs sports. ohio. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility.
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this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. it is already nascar's biggest race but this year's daytona 500 attracted hor than just sports fans for more than one reason. first there was danica patrick, the first woman to win pole position. and today the first to lead the race. but there was also yesterday's frightening crash which injured not drivers but fans. with more on all of that mark strassmann is at daytona international speedway, mark good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. today's race had another pileup. this one involving nine cars. but no unwith was hurt on the track or stands. daytona begins nascar's season an a sport already on the defensive about safety. >> for the second time the daytona 500 goes to jimmy johnson. >> reporter: in the 55th running of the great american race jimmy johnson took daytona's checkered flag for the second time. danica patrick lead briefly the first woman if daytona
6:24 pm
history to do so. she finished 8thment but the talk of the speedway was yesterday's pileup here on the last lap. >> my thoughts and prayers out to everybody injured in the grahn stands. >> a dozen cars jockeying for the finish collided heading into the final turn. rook kyle larson's car went airborne flying along the track's flexible safety fence before it seemed to hit a rigid access gate and exploded. large debris including one of larson's tires shot through and over the 22 foot fence and into the stands. 30 spectators were hurt. 13 of them seriously enough to be hospitalized. cell phone video captured the blast of debris and the immediate triage of people injured in the stands some on stretchers others crying for help. none of the drivers in the crash was hurt. but many of them including winner tony stewart seemed rattled. >> i could see it all in the mirror and it didn't look good where i was at. we've always known since racing was started this is a dangerous sport. but it's hard when we
6:25 pm
assume that risk and it's hard when the fans get caught newspaper it. >> reporter: track workers repaired the damaged section of fence 54 feet wide. race officials offered a different seat to anyone at today's race worried about sitting in the same section as yesterday's crash. >> our fans are first and foremost for to us have an exciting experience, and a safe experience at the track. so that is what we're going to continue to look at. >> reporter: daytona international speedway plans to remodel its grandstands. part of nascar's investigation could include calls to reinforce the fencing or move fans farther back from the action. >> 11 of the 13th people hospitalized after yesterday's crash have now been released and jeff, the two other hurt people have had their conditions upgraded to stable. >> jeff: mark strassmann thank you. stock the vatican is expected to announce a starting date for the conclave that will pick the next pope. in his last sunday service today pope benedict reassured roman catholics that he will continue to serve god when he entered retirement on thursday. but as that transition gets under way allen pizzey
6:26 pm
reports a new vatican scandal has emerged. >> reporter: benedict used his final sunday blessing to assure the estimated 100,000 people in st. pelter's square that he wasn't abandoning the church. the 85-year-old pope said he would continue to serve but in a way more suitable to my age and my strength. the crises that sapped his strength continue to swirl even as benedict goes into what he called a new life of prayer and meditation. three priests and a former cleric have claimed that cardinal keith o'brien in scottland engauged in inappropriate contact with them 30 years ago. their charges were sent to the vatican a week before the pope resigned. the myriad scandals in the church didn't worry elizabeth walsh of st. paul minnesota. >> it's if god's hands. the holly spirit has been with the church for 2,000 years. i don't think it is all going to crumbable in a year. >> kenneth sympathized with benedict. >> when it comes down to it
6:27 pm
the question really is how much control does the pope have over someone's action. >> you're not holding him responsible for all of that. >> it's hard to hold a person responsible for when you have so many priests around the world. >> reporter: the warm reception seemed to energize the pope who thanked god for sunshine anyone stead of the predicted rain. what you don't see much evidence of here is security. but there's plenty of it. snipers are reportedly in positions overlooking the square and there are plain clothes police mingling in the crowd, some even dressed as priests. benedict will leave the vatican by helicopter on thursday to spend the first two months of his retirement in castle gandolfo, the traditional papal summer residence. the ex-pope hats to disappear during the conclave even if the scandal its that plagued his reign will be in plain sight. allen pizzey cbs news vatican city. >> jeff: a new winter storm is forecast for the central plains tonight. a blizzard watch has been issued for much of the kansas, that storm is moving in from texas and could dump
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as much as 15 inches of snow along the way. in colorado another storm has already made drive og difficult, up to a foot of snow could blanket denver by morning. fidel castro made a rare appearance today. he took a seat as a deputy in cuba's national assembly. castro hasn't taken in the proceedings since 2006 when he fell ill. he resigned as president in 2008. it's a relic of the cold war on ice. 33 years after the u.s. miracle on ice victory over the soviet union at the lake placid winter olympics the hockey sweater worn by mike ruzioni was sold at auction this weekend for almost 660,000. the team's captain scored the winning goal in the come from behind 4 opinion 3 victory. that is an abbreviated edition of the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes." i'm jeff glor cbs news in new york.
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scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night coming up right now hasty clean-up efforts following that fiery pileup, how it affected today's daytona fiche hundred. >> mounting cases -- 500. >> mounting cases pile up after an alleged recording of patients' exams, what legal experts are saying. >> there it goes, an early morning blast rocks cold spring lane. we'll tell you what happened. i'm


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